Thrombosed external hemorrhoids are a painful inflammation in the anal tissue caused by a blood clot. This condition may be brought on by prolonged constipation, straining with stool or sitting. Also, a lot of pain during vaginal delivery can be a cause to external thrombosed hemorrhoids. The swollen tissues are tender and painful which are normally dark bluish in color. This condition is not very serious and also can be resolved without any specific treatment over a period of time; this is by allowing external hemorrhoids’ to be slowly absorbed by the body. Sometimes, if the inflammation is very large, your doctor will have to be consulted to administer local anesthesia to remove the clot.
The disease can affect anyone, both male and female. The most affected group being both male and female of age 45-65. Some people are of the perception that the external hemorrhoids are characterized by severe disorders, but everyone has them though no one is certain on when the disease will start.


internal hemorrhoidInternal hemorrhoids are nerves which lie deep inside the rectum that can’t be seen or felt. They don’t usually hurt because they are few nerves that can sense pain in the rectum. Bleeding occurs and it exposes the danger of infecting. In some cases this condition might be fatal if you don’t consult a doctor or if preventive measures are not taken. Internal hemorrhoid is more difficult to distinguish compared to external one because not all the time it goes with pain and it cannot be seen. But this does not mean that it is impossible to treat the condition, the sooner the condition is diagnosed the better. If it is diagnosed at an early stage, there is a chance that the condition will not become very serious.

Thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment at home

thrombosed external hemorrhoid photoThere are various home remedies for getting rid of hemorrhoids which have proved to be very effective. Below are some of the ways that can be used to treat hemorrhoids at your home.

  • Warm water

Some of the tips that can be useful to you in case you experience external hemorrhoids include having warm baths and ensuring that you maintain the area clean. Sit in warm water bath for about ten minutes several times a day. This should be done especially after bowel movement. Consuming a lot of water help to ease any kind of bowel movement. This will help to relieve pain and irritation. You can also use salty water if you wish. Sitting in warm water is enough to make the pain disappear.

  • Hydration

Make sure that you take a lot of water to stay hydrated. It is recommended to take at least seven glasses of water each day. If possible, make a point of taking 10 glasses in a day. Take the water in intervals preferably when you wake up, during morning tea time, at dinner, and before going to bed.

  • Keep the anal area clean

The anal area should be kept clean at all times. If you are treating hemorrhoid, there is a need to be very careful and keep the anal area clean by washing it using clean water. Using hard soap is not recommendable since it will only worsen the situation. If you must use soap then some mild creamy soap is recommended. The anal area should be kept dry, either wait for it to dry naturally or use soft towel to dry it. Avoid using dry tissue paper because this may cause bleeding making the condition worse instead make sure that you moisten the tissue a little. Cleaning the affected area ought to be done in spite of the area bleeding for a couple of days or hours.

Ensuring that the food you take contains fiber. Eating diets that contains fiber will help in softening your stool and that make it easier to pass through your system. It also makes bowel movement easier. Eating food like whole grains, fruits, vegetables will ensure that you supplied with enough fiber.
Consuming products like coffee, spicy food, processed food and alcohol should be avoided since they make the condition worse.

  • Use Aloe Vera

aloe vera for hemorrhoidThis is one of the most common thrombosed external hemorrhoid home remedy. Use little amount of aloe Vera to rub on the affected area thus relieving the pain. This will soothe the affecting area making you not to scratch which will cause less irritation. You should apply the aloe Vera several times daily to avoid scratching and irritation.

  • Straining

Straining when passing the stool cause tear and also cause swelling in the anal area thus it should be avoided. When there is the necessity to go the toilet then don’t postpone it but go at once because this will help to keep of straining. Avoid lifting something heavy and also sitting down for a long time without walking around because this will more pressure on your hemorrhoid.

  • Get to do some physical activities

Ensure that you remain physically active during the day no matter what kind of hemorrhoid you are suffering from. Both thrombosed internal and external hemorrhoid treatment requires you to be attentive to all sorts of physical activities. One of the very first to recovery is taking a walk for some minutes. Walking will increase your rate of metabolism. However, consider going for a walk when you are experiencing the least pain or after a bath.

  • Seek medical attention

If the problem becomes severe, consider seeking medical attention. At times, the problem might get sphere to a point that surgery is the only option. This might take you a couple of days to recover. However, getting a surgery that shortens the duration for you to get well is possible but the effectiveness of such an operation is not guaranteed. The most important thing is to ensure that you take all the necessary precautions before the situation becomes complicated.
In case of thrombosed external hemorrhoid, it is recommended to put ice packs to your rear as this will help to prevent severe swelling. Applying ice helps to reduce the amount of blood flowing to the affected area. Ice will also help to keep the hemorrhoid numb. You are required to wrap ice in a cloth when applying. Despite swelling being normal, you ought to seek medical attention when you start feeling like your hemorrhoid will burst. If you are keen to follow this instruction, then be sure of positive results.


A thrombosed hemorrhoid is said to be a hemorrhoid in which a vein has clotted. It is a mass of veins that are dilated in swollen anal tissue and which may cause pain or itch. Despite them being painful, they might not require to be removed through surgery. They vary in size and can occur inside of the anal or as external hemorrhoids. Thrombosed hemorrhoid are quite painful but are not considered very dangerous. At times the blood clot is usually reabsorbed by the body thus causing the symptoms to resolve themselves.


Women hemorrhoids are possible to manage with proper medication, diet, and a healthy dialogue with a physician. Experiencing thrombosed hemorrhoid during pregnancy is possible. The main causes of hemorrhoid during pregnancy maybe sitting too much and inactivity.
During pregnancy, various options are suitable for you to deal with your thrombosed external hemorrhoid. The first option that you should consider is applying cold press. Ensure that you alter the cold press with warm water throughout the day. This is helpful in that it helps reduce the pain you experience from your external thrombosed hemorrhoid. This will also help the inflammation to come to an end within a short time.
Secondly, consider applying a botanical ointment specifically designed to get rid of the discomfort of having thrombosed hemorrhoid during pregnancy. This is a much safe method because it does not involve application of any chemicals.
Lastly, avoid making too many movements which can end up making your body stressed. Controlling pain from your external thrombosed hemorrhoid is much easier when you rest. Use lemon juice to reduce bleeding and swelling.
To avoid thrombosed external hemorrhoid during pregnancy complications, make a point of taking the precautionary measures in a serious way. During pregnancy, the external thrombosed hemorrhoid may lead to continuous bleeding when it bursts. A burst may be as a result of natural causes too during this time. If you feel things are getting worse, consult your doctor.

During pregnancy, thrombosed hemorrhoids can be minimized through the following;

  • Drinking a lot of fluids such as prune juice
  • Eating vegetables and fruits
  • Eating a good diet especially one that is high in fiber preferably 20-30 grams of fiber on daily basis
  • Going to bathroom at the right time. Warm baths are recommended since they increase circulation in the area.


There are four stages that can help you know when you have thrombosed hemorrhoids. These symptoms include;

  • If you bleed without feeling any discomfort
  • Bleeding continues and you experience a discomfort
  • When you get to see any discharge in the bleeding and the pain is increasing
  • You get to see bluish vessels, a clear indication that you are suffering from thrombosed hemorrhoid.

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