How to treat hemorrhoids? Natural hemorrhoid treatment supplements

hemorrhoidThe common use of the word hemorrhoid is plural, meaning that people have hemorrhoids but not a single one. Actually, you can have a single hemorrhoid, which really is the thrust of this article. Understanding what is a hemorrhoid, how it occurs, and how to treat hemorrhoids is what lies ahead.

What is a hemorrhoid? Symptoms.

The simplest explanation of what a hemorrhoid is that it is a swollen vein that occurs in your anus or lower rectum. Though this is a part of the body that most people prefer to ignore until it becomes a problem, when it does become a problem it quickly gets our attention.

  • That is because in most cases it will result in a slight amount of blood appearing in our stool. Blood in the stool can also be a sign of colon cancer or other serious medical problems, so it is important that you make an appointment to see a doctor who will correctly diagnose the actual problem.
  • But blood is not the only symptom that comes with having a hemorrhoid. There are also itching and a general discomfort. Obviously, the more hemorrhoids you have, the greater the discomfort, which is why the common use of the word is always more than one.

hemorrhoid symptomsWhat causes hemorrhoids?

About half of all people by the age of 50 have had at least one experience in dealing with them, so you are fairly normal if you have them.

  • The general cause for the occurrence of a hemorrhoid is an increased pressure that is placed on the wins in the lower rectum area. The specific reason can vary, but the most common are pushing very hard when you are doing a bowel movement, sitting on the toilet for a long time, and being pregnant. As you age, the likelihood of getting a hemorrhoid increases as your rectal tissue becomes weaker and more fragile.
  • But other factors such as a poor diet can also cause a hemorrhoid to form. If you are obese or have a diet that is low in fiber, they can be a major cause of having hemorrhoids.
  • If you become ill and have chronic diarrhea or get constipated, they also can contribute to hemorrhoids. Finally, if you are on the receiving end of anal intercourse, that can also contribute to their formation. So in the end it can be a single or combination of health and lifestyle factors that are the underlying cause.

 Treating Hemorrhoids On Your Own

While not being a serious health risk in and of itself, a hemorrhoid is something you want to deal with quickly as it makes doing normal things difficult, particularly in social situations. The choices you have will depend on the number and severity of your particular case. Your doctor is the primary resource for advice and treatment of hemorrhoids. If you choose to go it alone, you may find out that you cannot solve the problem alone.

You also need to consider that while the majority of cases of hemorrhoids do not cause medical complications, there are two possible problems that can result from letting hemorrhoids go untreated. The first is anemia, which is basically not having enough healthy red blood cells for our body to carry oxygen to the important organs of the body, such as the heart and brain. People with a significant number of untreated hemorrhoids are more likely to get this condition, which is identified by feeling tired and weak.

The second possibility is that one or more hemorrhoids get strangulated. This results in the tissue dying and causing gangrene to set in. When you stop to consider the purpose of the rectal area, which is to remove harmful waste materials from the body, a number strangulated hemorrhoids can be a very serious problem. If you are in extreme pain due to having hemorrhoids, there is an increased likelihood that one or more have become strangulated.


How to get rid of a hemorrhoid – Methods of Hemorrhoid Treatment

As was pointed out earlier, there are many cases of hemorrhoids that can be treated simply by making changes in your lifestyle, such as increasing the amount of fiber in your diet and losing weight. These options do not require any type of medication to end the problem. But there are cases where the only solution is to consider alternative treatments.

  • The first, and one of the most popular options is to use an over the counter supplements, cream or spray, such as Venapro. This treatment is commonly recommended by doctors, so it is a simple and direct way to eliminate the problem. However, if you do not get permanent results after using a hemorrhoid supplements or cream after one week, stop using it and go back to see your doctor. Overuse of over the counter medications can result in a skin rash or inflammation.
  • Two of the most common ingredients that are used in treating hemorrhoids are witch hazel or hydrocortisone. Unless a specific cream or ointment has been recommended by your doctor, be sure to look for one or both of these ingredients before buying a product over the counter. These two ingredients have been found to be the most effective in relieving the itching and pain of hemorrhoids.

There are also ointments you can choose, which raises the question, “What is the difference between a cream and an ointment?” They look basically the same, and if it gets the job done, who cares? For the record, the difference is in the amount of water each treatment contains. An ointment is only 20 percent water, while a cream usually has as much as 50 percent water. So if you are someone is looking for more “bang for the buck” an ointment would be your preferred choice. But keep in mind that you can also have too much of a good thing, so in terms of the concentration of oil and active ingredients you may actually want less.

Suppositories are another non- invasive way to treat hemorrhoids. You insert a gelatin capsule directly into the anus and push it up the rectum. The medication is directly delivered and absorbed into the bloodstream. Pads, though considered by some to be less effective than using a suppository, are a similar alternative to creams and ointments.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

Many people today are looking for natural or herbal alternatives to over the counter or prescription medications, regardless of the medical problem. While a combination of oils make up the majority of hemorrhoid ointments and creams, there are specific naturally occurring essential oils and pills for hemorrhoids and can be used to treat hemorrhoids.

  • One of the simplest home remedies is to soak in a tub of warm water. The warmth will cause the veins to relax and relieve the itching and pain. This provides immediate relief and costs you nothing except about 20 minutes, the recommended time to soak.
  • A second home remedy is to apply a cold compress to the affected area. You can pack ice into a wash cloth or similar material, then directly apply it to the problem area. This will provide immediate relief by causing the inflamed blood vessels to constrict.

Note the two differences in how to approach the same problem. One uses heat while the other uses cold. The difference is that soaking in warm water is intended to relax the blood vessels, while the objective of the cold is to constrict the blood vessels. Every person may see a different result, so you can try both to see which is the most effective solution for you.

There are essential oils that are effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Witch hazel, though not considered by many to be an actual oil, has been mentioned above as a major ingredient in many of the over the counter hemorrhoid creams. There are also a number of natural occurring oils that have a history of successfully treating the condition.

Tea tree oil is one of the more recent discoveries for relieving the pain and itching which accompanies hemorrhoids. This oil is very concentrated for the purpose of treating hemorrhoids, and should always be used in combination with other oils. One or two drops of tea tree oil is all that is needed to be very effective. What the tea tree oil does is to shrink the hemorrhoid, solving the problem.

Alternative essential oils used in treating hemorrhoids are lavender essential oil and rosemary essential oil.

pregnancy hemorrhoidPregnancy Hemorrhoids

This section is directed towards women who are pregnant. Hemorrhoids are very common for women who are pregnant and entering their third trimester. Based on what we have already learned, the reason is obvious. There is an increased pressure on the lower rectum of the woman’s body. But another reason is that if a woman gets constipated during pregnancy, there is an increased risk of developing hemorrhoids. While entering your third trimester is something that cannot be avoided, carefully watching your diet and eating habits to avoid getting constipated will go a long way to minimizing the possibility of creating hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Surgery

Finally, there are cases that require surgery to alleviate the problem. The good news is that hospitalization is not required for the surgery, as it is classified as minimally invasive and can be done in your doctor’s office. You may find the procedures an interesting alternative, but they are recommended only for very severe cases oh hemorrhoids.

The first, called rubber band ligation, uses – yes – rubber bands to basically choke off the blood supply to the vein. In about one week the hemorrhoid will fall off and the problem wil be solved. However, though the procedure is amazingly simple (do not try this at home) it also involves some pain for many people. But the pain, and some occasional bleeding, will subside after about four days.

You may have seen this second medical treatment coming – using a laser. Like rubber band ligation, the goal is to cut off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid, causing it to shrivel up and fall off. Though it is very high tech, it does not have the same success rate as rubber band ligation in preventing the hemorrhoid from returning.

Remember these minimally invasive medical procedures are intended for very severe cases of hemorrhoids or in cases when hemorrhoids continue to return. The medical procedures are designed to cause the hemorrhoids to shrink surgically, rather than seeking relief by causing the vein to relax or shrink using creams or oils. As a general rule, the less invasive the procedure, the better it is for the long term health of the patient.

Natural hemorrhoid supplement Venapro

hemorrhoid-venaproThere are a number of preventative measures you can take to reduce the possibility of hemorrhoids forming and avoid the disruption they can bring to your life: making sure you drink enough water, have ann adequate amount of natural fiber in your diet, and using moist towelettes instead of dry toilet paper to keep your colon and rectum areas moist. But even when these measures are taken, many people still experience the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids from time to time. And when those times occur you want fast and safe relief from the pain and get healed as quickly as possible so you can resume a normal lifestyle.

What is Venapro?

Venapro is a unique and natural solution when you have hemorrhoids. You can find quick relief from the bleeding, itching, swelling, and discomfort that are the identifiable signs of most cases of hemorrhoids. If you are a woman who is pregnant or someone who has had to deal with a bout of constipation, you are in the two largest groups of people who are likely to experience hemorrhoidal pain. If you are over the age of 50 you are also more likely to have to deal with hemorrhoids. Venapro is a homeopathic solution that has been proven to effectively reduce the pain and symptoms within days through a combination of specially formulated pills and a fast acting spray.

Venapro Ingredients

venaproThe ingredients in Venapro have been carefully selected to match the specific symptoms associated with hemorrhoid swelling and discomfort. The combination of capsule supplement and liquid spray have been created to provide short term relief while completely ridding your body of hemorrhoids within a few months. A quick glance down the list of some of the key natural ingredients will show the safe and natural choices made by Venapro.

  • Vitamin E – commonly known and used by many people as an antioxidant, vitamin E helps to oxygenate the blood and assist in the healing process.
  • Zinc – a naturally occurring mineral that has many positive health benefits, including reducing infections in the body.
  • Flouride of lime – though this is an ingredient that you may not have heard of, it is critical to the treatment of your hemorrhoids. A healthy dose is contained in the Venapro pills as it is known to play an important role in the elasticity of blood vessels, which is what a hemorrhoid basically is. Too little Flouride of Lime in the tissues has been medically connected to the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Establishing a balance with this naturally occurring mineral is the purpose of this ingredient.

The other homeopathic ingredients target specific symptoms of the condition: Horse Chestnut, Arnica, Saint Mary’s Thistle, Stone Root, Muriatic Acid (commonly used as a food additive), and Krameria Mapato.

This natural homeopathic approach makes using Venapro both effective and safe. Any homeopathic product must be FDA approved before being able to be legally sold, so this offers yet another layer of safety for users.

While the natural ingredients provide relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoids, the complete formula is deigned to completely rid your body of hemorrhoids over time. This is one of the reasons Venapro is one of the most popular homeopathic treatments available today.

How to Use

The solution to relieving hemorrhoidal pain quickly with Venapro is a two step solution. The first is taking one Venapro pill twice a day as a supplement. The second part, the spray, should be used under the tongue (no, not the other place) for more immediate relief. Two sprays under the tongue 3 times a day is the recommended dosage.Instructions for children are printed on the packaging label.

Venapro Advantages

venapro-resultsThe list of advantages is short and simple:

  • naturally effective
  • fast acting
  • complete relief within days
  • can be used by people of all ages

People who suffer from hemorrhoids want fast and convenient relief, and Venapro is a product that is a simple and quick solution. A number of users have reported significant improvement in less than 5 days. No changes in your diet or lifestyle are required to get the maximum effectiveness. The combination of a supplement to provide continuous healing and a fast acting spray for immediate relief that are both unobtrusive allow you to go about your daily routine without embarrassment or discomfort.

Side Effects of Venapro

As with any new supplement or product you have not taken, it is strongly recommended you consult with your health care professional before using. Venapro does not have your complete medical history, and cannot determine if you are allergic or have any adverse reactions to the ingredients in Venapro. You safety is our highest priority, and while the product has been proven safe and effective for most people, how your body will respond to Venapro is something that cannot be exactly determined. The same is true about your personal results as everyone’s body is different.

While Venapro has a history of success and no reports of substantial side effects, if you do not get any results from using Venapro you should contact a doctor immediately. Some hemorrhoid cases are severe and require specific medical treatment. Stop using the product immediately and consult a physician if symptoms do not abate or your condition worsens.


There is a lot to be learned about this very common medical condition called a hemorrhoid. But the treatments are generally simple, and the discomfort short lived. You may want to pause and ask yourself if the occurrence of a hemorrhoid is your body warning you that something needs to change in your lifestyle in order to keep your good health.